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Benefits of Our Cold Spray Foam

BENEFITS (Application):

  • Portable system
  • No tank disposal fee
  • Reusable application gun
  • No cleaning
  • Excellent for small jobs
  • Can be sprayed from any 1-1 ratio plural component system
  • Cut application time

BENEFITS (Technical):

  • Low, readily atomizable viscosities
  • Volume expansion of 16-20X (at recommended temperatures)
  • Excellent compatibility of components
  • Not an Open Cell Foam – Closed Cell Foam with vapor barrier properties
  • Fine uniform closed cell structure with good strength and dimensional stability
  • 100% water blown foam eliminates problems with blowing agent volatilization and resulting failures
  • Formulated Chemical Reaction produces a Structural foam, not just a space filler
  • Not dependent upon atmospheric moisture or humidity to give expansion properties
  • Reacts with consistent expansion properties at consistent temperatures
  • 2.5 lb density foam eliminates problems associated with .5 lb. density foams
  • Can meet vapor barrier , thermal barrier, and fire code requirements by using 1” to 1.5” inch of spray foam followed by low R fiberglass insulation layer in a 2”x4” cavity wall