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Cold Spray Foam Applications

How and where to use our cold spray foam

  • structural foam for reinforcement of walls (concrete, wood, etc.)
  • air sealing of the building envelope
  • insulating walls of building
  • air barrier applications (now required in some states)
  • repairing freezers and freezer trailers
  • increasing thermal rating of existing freezers
  • insulating ceilings/roofs
  • waterproofing applications with thermal insulating properties
  • scenography - making background scenery
  • molding applications
  • structural foam for automotive body filler
  • automotive thermal protection
  • remodeling contractors for low cost high performance thermal insulation
  • making landscape features (i.e.  rocks, etc.)
  • chemical barrier applications
  • structural foam as receiver for coating systems (ie ponds)
  • large crack filling
  • wall void filling
  • structural foam for building restoration
  • filling voids in stone wall foundations
  • adding thermal insulation to concrete block foundations
  • insulating and moisture proofing basement walls
  • insulating tanks