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Cold Spray Foam

CrystalFoam™ is a sprayable polyurethane cold spray closed cell foam that is rigid,  and has a low k-factor.  It has been specifically designed for use with  low pressure plural component spray guns such as our Voyager™ Low Pressure Portable Cold Spray System that are capable of handling spray foams and other coating system materials with various reaction times.

USES: CrystalFoam™ closed cell foam is used as an air barrier and thermal insulation for buildings, thermal insulation for automotive applications, refrigeration and/or heating thermal barriers, building construction structural foam, roofing, siding, floors, and wall cavities, either new, retrofit, or repair.  CrystalFoam™ cold spray foam can be used as a mobile repair system.  It is also excellent for small spray foam jobs.

CrystalFoam™ closed cell foam is also suitable to insulate tanks, vessels, piping, cold storage buildings, or wherever superior insulation is required.  CrystalFoam™ can provide a moisture barrier but caution must be used to maintain the foam structure if the foam surface will experience UV exposure, abrasion, and/or other physical attack.  Creative Material Technologies, Ltd. has designed coatings systems that protect foam surfaces from these attacks.

For spray foam insulation applications we recommend compatible topcoat systems.  Topcoat Pure Polyurea and Polyurea Hybrid systems are available at www.dynasolv.com.

The Voyager™ Low Pressure Cartridge System with cold sprayable CrystalFoam™ is an excellent mobile repair system.  Portable Cold Spray System.

Now you can leave your big hot spray right at home - especially convenient for those small spray foam jobs and the repairs that plague you today.  With the Voyager™ plural component spray gun, a case of materials, and compressed air you can satisfy your customers needs for those troublesome spray foam repairs and spray foam spot jobs.

Our unique cold spray technology brings together a superior closed cell foam and an award winning plural component spray gun to give you additional cold spray market tiers!